Peru is one of the most visited countries in South America, so Airlines are flying direct from all mayor cities of the world to the capital City: Lima.

The peruvian North Shore limits with Ecuador, so you can either arrive from Lima city or from Ecuador (Guayaquil, southern Ecuador).

Coming from Ecuador

If you are coming from Ecuador, the only way is by bus: there is an overnight service that goes from Guayaquil to Mancora town and leaves every night from Guayaquil International Airport (José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport – Code GYE).

It´s a 470 km distance and takes around 6 to 8 hours. Please, be aware that you will need to cross international borders, including crossing and checking security with all your luggage.

Some of the international bus companies that offer this service are: Civa and Cruz del Sur.

Coming from Lima

If you are traveling from Lima, there are 2 ways to arrive to the North Shore:

By plane: there are 4 different airport that you can fly to, offering a wide range of option on prices / distances / availability.

By Bus: many companies offer direct services from Lima to Mancora Town. It´s an overnight trip with really decent service. Be aware that this is a 20 to 24 hours travel that will depend on traffic when the bus leaves Lima (if you travel on a Friday, you can expect long delays and traffic jam).

TIP: We recommend checking prices and compare all your options available. Even if the bus trip can be cheaper than flying, sometimes airlines offers pretty good prices and you only have USD 20 to USD 30 price difference between Bus and Plane and the travel time reduces from 20 hours in a bus to 1.5 hours by plane. 


Average distances from main towns in the North Shore to Surf Racer House
  • Los Organos town: 7 km / 4 miles. 10 minutes by car.
  • Mancora: 20 km / 12 miles. 20 minutes by car.
  • Talara: 59 km / 36 miles. 50 minutes by car.
  • Tumbes: 128 km / 79 miles. 2 hours and 30 minutes by car.
  • Piura: 171 km / 106 miles. 2 hours and 30 minutes by car.

There are 4 different Airport where you can fly to in the North Shore. Some airports only receive flights just a few days per week and only 1 flight is available per day / every 2 days.


Talara (Cap. FAP Víctor Montes Arias International Airport – Code TYL)). 59 km / 36 miles and 50 minutes by car from our Surf House. Average travel time: 1hr 50 min. Airport transfer from and to this Airport included in our packages.

Airlines that fly to Talara Airport: LATAM.


Punta Sal (Aeródromo Walter Braedt Segú – Code PTL). 24.6 km / 15 miles and 32 minutes by car from our Surf House. Average travel time: 1hr 45 min. Airport transfer from and to this Airport included in our packages.

Airlines that fly to Punta Sal Airport: Atsa Airlines


Tumbes (Cap. FAP Pedro Canga Rodríguez Airport – Code TBP). 128 km / 79 miles and 2 hours and 30 minutes from our Surf House. Average travel time: 1hr 50 min. Airport transfer from and to this Airport it´s NOT included in our packages.

Airlines that fly to Tumbes Airport: LATAM and SkyAirlines


Piura (Capitán FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico International Airport – Code PIU). 171 km / 106 miles and 2 hours and 30 minutes from our Surf House. Average travel time: 1hr 35 min. Airport transfer from and to this Airport it´s NOT included in ur packages.

Airlines that fly to Piura Airport: LATAM, SkyAirline and Viva Airlines.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, many Airlines have reduced their flights to the North Shore, offering less flights per week. We expect that, in the next few months, more days and flights will be added to the current availability.



If you would like to fly from other destinations in Peru (other than Lima), you will always need to go through Lima Airport. There are not direct flights from places like Cusco, Arequipa, Trujillo to the North Shore. You will need to fly to Lima Airport and connect with another flight to either Piura, Talara, Tumbes or Punta Sal.

If you book your flight from home directly to any of the Airports in the North Shore, make sure you have enough time in your layover (recommended 2 to 4 hours). All passengers need to do Migrations and Customs in Lima Airport, take their luggage and check-in again. Again: be aware that bags do NOT go directly to your final destination in the North Shore, you always need to pick them up and re-check in the counters at Lima Airport.

From Lima, you can also travel to Northern Peru by bus, there are multiple options, for all budgets. 

If you have enough time and would like to save some money, this is a good, comfortable and safe option.

Bus is also a perfect option for those travellers coming from different destinations in Peru, who prefer to avoid going back to Lima to catch a flight.

If you are in the Center or Center /  North of the country (ex: Chimbote, Huaraz, Trujilllo, Cajamarca), you can reach the North Shore in direct bus services.

Bus companies that we recommend for this trip


Cruz del Sur


Booking platforms to check all the buses services available


More details:

Departure / Arrival:

  • Departure City: Lima
  • Arrival: Mancora

Average travel for this route is 20 to 24 hours. Generally, buses leave Lima City between 12 to 6 PM and arrives to Mancora Town between 9 to 11 AM.

Most of the companies offer daily services, drinks and meals. 


If budget allows, we recommend choosing the premium seats: 160º and 180°, you will be able to rest all night. 180° simulates a bed, it´s like the seat on the First class of a plane.

Book your ticket minimum 48 hours in advance, in order to allow the system to confirm your reservation.

Departure from Lima, choose the Terminals located in Javier Prado (avoid Plaza Norte, even if it´s closer to Lima International Airport), it´s safer and closer to the touristic areas in Lima: Miraflores, Surco and Barranco.

Premium seats have power connector to charge your phone. 

Most of the recommended companies advertise that they offer Wifi on board but, don´t depend on that. In our experience with these services, 80% of the times Wifi doesn´t really work. 

Even if these companies are recommended, take care of your belonwings during the travel.

In order to help you relax and enjoy, even before arriving to our Surf House, we have included the transfer from most of the Airports and Buses Stations in the North Shore, so that you avoid taking a risk at jumping on a non-certified taxi service. 

Our packages include Airport transfer from and to Talara Airport (TYL) and Punta Sal Airport (PTL) and pick up and drop off at Mancora and Los Organos Bus Stations.

If you decide to come to the North Shore earlier than your stay or enjoying a few more days in paradise after your stay with us; if you need to get to the Airport or Bus Station safely, always book a trusted Taxi with your Hotel / Hostel or Airbnb, don´t get random taxis at the street.

Local Bus Service

On the other hand, there is a local bus service that works good and it´s decent (no AC!) that is called EPPO and offers services from / to Los Organos and Mancora to Talara (approx. 8 soles) and Piura (approx. 23 soles).

Buses leave every hour. The only thing you need to take care of are your belongings, never disregard them. 

You cannot book your ticket online, just need to go to the Terminal 1 hour before departure and pay for your ticket (cash in peruvian soles).


Traveling in Peru is relative safe, if you take the enough precautions. The North Shore is much safer than Lima, but don’t relax too much.

Where our Surf House is located, it´s really safe, as we are located on a small community of private Villas facing the beach, next to a fishing village; and everybody knows each other and keep the community safe, so you can really relax and disconnect.

But, once you visit other towns such as Mancora, you need to take extra precautions.


Our recommendations when you travel in Mancora area

In downtown, take close care of your belonging, keep your money safe and don’t walk around with lot of cash or fancy phones or jewellery. Thieves are quick and you won’t realise that your phone and wallet have been lost, until you are back to your Hotel.

At Mancora beach, never disregard your belonging; even if you go for a short swim. They will instantly disappear.

Avoid walking at night in Mancora beach.

General recommendations to stay safe when you travel in Peru

On the other hand, other general recommendations during your travel in Peru:

Always use reliable taxis (booked by your Hotel), don’t take taxis on the street and try to avoid public transportation (if you do it, take closely care of your belongings).

Avoid moving around with lot of cash, its better to have credit / debit cards and just get money from the ATMs, even if you have to expend a little bit more in withdraw commissions.

When you are using cash, try to always have small bills, you can exchange it at the local bank.

Take care of your phone, computer, laptop; specially when you are traveling on a bus (keep them close to you and don’t place them on the upper compartment).

If you are staying in low-cost accommodation, such a Hostel, try to put your belongings on a safe or locker.

Currencies in Peru

The local currency in Peru is Peruvian Soles (s/ ) and, depending the date, the exchange rate is 1 USD = 3,4 to 3,6 soles.

Besides the Peruvian soles, US dollars are widely accepted, but it´s always better to exchange your USD to Peruvian Soles, as local shops and Restaurant might not have a good exchange rate.


What if I have a currency other than USD?

If you are coming with Euros or other currencies, you will likely find it more difficult to exchange them with a fair rate; for this, we recommend exchanging your money in official Exchange Offices, that are located in big cities (such as Lima).


Cash or Credit Card

We recommend moving around Peru with little cash and use ATMs to withdraw money.

If you have more than 1 credit / debit card, make sure you keep them on different places, in case one is stolen.

Most of the Hotels, Restaurants and Tour operators (including Surf Racer House), offer the option to pay for the services in credit card.



If you need to exchange money, do it on a Bank or Exchange office; avoid the Airport if you are landing in Lima as exchange rates are not convenient.

If you decide to exchange your money in the street (for example, with local official exchangers – people – who are generally standing at the banks front doors); first, ask for the exchange rate and compare it with the current exchange rate in the market and, second, make sure the exchange calculation is correct (sometimes they fix their calculators to give a different exchange than what it should be).

On the other hand, once you receive the Peruvian soles, count all the money you received, don’t trust that they will give you the right amount.



You will find ATMS everywhere in Peru, including airports. This is a good option to withdraw money as soon as you land in Lima Airport. On the second floor of the Airport, right before you arrive to the Food Hall, there are many ATMs together from all different Banks.

ATMs deliver either USD (maximum USD 400) or Peruvian Soles (maximum s/700) and they might charge a small fee for the transaction + the exchange rate from your Bank.


Northern Peru is known for the wonderful weather: dry and sunny climate all year round!

During Winter time (May to November), average temperature is between 25 to 30°C / 77 – 86 °F during the day that drops to 20 to 22 °C / 68 – 71 °F at night.

During Summer time (December to April), average temperature is between 28 to 33°C / 82 – 91 °F during the day that drops to 25 to 28 °C / 77 – 82 °F at night.


Water temperature

During Winter time (May to November), average water temperature is between 21 to 23 °C / 70 – 73.4 °F.

During Summer time (December to April), average water temperature is between 24 to 27 °C / 75.2 – 80.6 °F.



Bring summer clothes and a jacket, sweater and long pants for the colder nights during winter.

Yes, it´s necessary and included in all our packages that include lessons.

If you prefer to bring yours, it´s recommended a long-sleeves rashguard or spring wetsuit (1.2 or 2.1 mm) during the summer season and a long wetsuit (3.2 mm) during Winter season.

Even if it sounds crazy because we are only 20 minutes away, Mosquito situation is completely different between Mancora and El Ñuro fishing town, where our House is located. 

One of the main reasons is because Mancora is more humid and less windy, so it´s easier for mosquitos and insects to reproduce.

This means that, in our area, you won’t be expose to diseases transmitted by mosquitos, such as dengue, Chikungunya or Zika.

We anyway recommend to bring mosquito repellent and we take care of keeping the Surf House “mosquito fee” so that you can always have a good night sleep. 

Of course, if you plan to visit other areas of Peru, such as Puerto Maldonado and the jungle, we recommend you to check the vaccines needed to stay safe.

There are 3 ways to move around in the North Shore area (El Ñuro – Los Organos – Vichayito – Mancora):

Public transportation (carritos)

They work like normal buses and connect the 3 towns. Depending the distance, the ticket price can be 3 to 10 soles.

Mototaxis (motorcycle taxi or cart bike or bike taxi)

Mototaxis are, essentially, a three-wheel motorcycle with an attached cabin on the back that can fit around three people.

It´s good for short distances (inside towns) but its also a cheap and private way to move between towns, even if the trip can be bumpy and it will take more time than using a Carrito or private taxi, as it goes slower.

Private taxis

Unlike big cities where you can just stop a taxi or call for a Uber; finding a taxi in the North Shore its not that easy.

Generally, taxis work directly with Hotels and they can be the best way to do longer trips in-between towns, on a safe and fast way.

Always prefer to pay a little bit more but make your Hotel to call a reliable taxi and never take a taxi on the street, if you find one.

Getting a SIM-card with data for your stay in Peru it´s a great way to stay communicated on a foreign country at a low cost.

But, not everywhere is possible to get SIM-card as most of the stores will ask for a Peruvian ID.

The best place to get this is in Lima City – Miraflores district, where you can visit the main stores of the big phone companies: Claro, Movistar and Entel; and buy a SIM-card with your Passport.

STAYING AT SURF RACER board house peru

Surf Racer Board House is open all year round.

As we focus on Surf and Kitesurfing, we have an all around season: wave season is all year round and wind season goes from late April to early January.

If you are ready to book your package, get in touch with us and we will stay to plan together your stay.

In order to confirm your reservation, we ask for the pre-payment of the 25% of the package price (per person) and, the remaining balance (75%) is paid when you check in.

Please note that, during high-season, we might require the pre-payment deposit of the 50% of the package price.

Advance Payment (25%-50%) methods:

  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer (Peru, USA or Europe)


Balance Payment (50%-75%) methods:

  • Cash (Peruvian or US dollars)
  • Credit card (Peruvian Soles)

Our Surf House is small and personalised, so we do not host more than 6 people at the time.

This means that availability is always limited and we always recommend booking minimum 2 months in advance.

For peak season (December 15th to January 15th), we are generally fully booked 4 months in advance, so try to reserve as soon as you decide to stay with us.

There are many activities that you can enjoy in our place and, generally, in the North Shore area, that a non-surfer or non-kitesurfer can enjoy.

Stand up Paddle (SUP), snorkelling with turtles, swimming, enjoying a beautiful beach, skating, biking.

We have a nice library with books in different languages, a TV with Netflix and movies; so you can just enjoy a few days of relaxation.

Also, many of our guest arrive to our Surf House after weeks of traveling and exploring Peru, so they find this as the perfect place to slow down and chill.

Surf Racer is an adult’s Surf House but we do offer special packages for families, where we only host the family during their stay and don’t accept other bookings.

Kids love the skate bowl and Surf lessons and there are many activities to enjoy in the area, to keep the kids (and teenagers) entertained. We are also located on a nice and secure place, so they can also enjoy from some freedom.

Check our Family Surf Package here.